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So the children have already made your life hard to bear her father 's arm hang them to start living through them. That absent parent has lost something essential. It has been lost to relive that full of magic that is cadouri pentru copii in childhood stage. It has become a hero lost their young children and a friend and confidant as they grow. He has renounced tenderness, inability to enjoy everyday things, a comprehensive development, to share with their children the little (and big) moments of his life.

Most parents think it is ground. And, yet slow to acknowledge their participation, publicly, as if ashamed to do something "unnatural" and that the weight of the education received is still very large in this regard. They have not educated them for household chores or for certain tasks to do with children. Do not forget that the real opportunity to equalities means not being swayed by prejudice related to sex.

Thus the education of the children and household chores should be shared by both spouses work. If you as a parent gives an example of this, their children will grow up in a more equal. Admittedly, many parents are already assuming the role of a responsible, committed and shared with respect to mothers, which is a benefit both for himself and for the mother and child.


Beyond the traditional idea of the male role he has learned from his father. Encourage your husband to work completely. Fortunately, things are changing a lot in this area. Today it is less common to find these types of parents among current parents.

This is due to two reasons:
- First, society needs women to enter the work, a fact that is occurring with increasing frequency.
- And secondly, are becoming parents to assume the role of father as a terrible burden, but as an enjoyment and satisfaction.

These parents enjoy watching their children grow, taking an active part in their upbringing and education and collaborating in the work of the house. However, the weight of the house and the education of children continue to fall on the 52 If you as a parent beyond the traditional idea of the male role he has learned from his father, achieved closer to her son and shared with mother's responsibility for their care.

To do this, we advise mothers to encourage her husband to cooperate completely and to stop them committing mistakes and develop your own style and avoid power struggles. First of all, do not forget the following: "If he wants to participate has to stop expressing their own opinions and ideas. In fact, it is invading his land and traditionally it is a threat. You must make a concerted effort to reconcile the two styles of parenting and household management.
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